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Registration Entry

The firm SWISS RESIDENCE YACHT BOETSCH has been registered in the company register of the Canton of Basle City, of the Swiss Confederation under the number CH- on 08.05.2007 with the following purpose:

The company approaches people who wish to participate in part-ownership of a Mega Yacht, and offers people a Time-Sharing participation, i.e. these people acquire a portion of a Mega Yacht, which gives them the right, for a limited amount of time, to live on board the yacht for private cruising purposes.

New Location

On 26.07.2013 the company was moved from Canton of Basel City in the Canton of Basel Country.

Dr. Werner Boetsch is the sole Shareholder and Owner of Swiss Residence Yacht.

Responsible for the contents

Swiss Residence Yacht
Schweissbergweg 18
CH-4102 Binningen

Tel:  +41 (0) 61 721 50 50 
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