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Your Swiss Residence Yacht

The Swiss Residence Yacht appeals to people who wish to pass their recreational time, or a particular period of their life, or their retirement, in comfortable and agreeable surroundings among like-minded clients.

Peaceful, agreeable - without haste or stress - on an extremely beautiful and elegant Mega Yacht.

A yacht which one can call one's own. Amongst friends, and yet private when one wishes to be alone, and perhaps even - with this quality of life - prolong one's lifespan.

Also people, who have perhaps experienced cruises, but wish to escape from mass tourism and still enjoy all the amenities of a luxury xacht - in a private atmosphere.

Being able to determine, when and where, and how long, one spends in one place - in a beautiful bay - or on a wonderful beach. Enjoying the fine weather and participating in water-sports from the haven of your own yacht is an experience of a lifetime.  Or to explore new ports and different cultures from the comfort of your own car. To do what one pleases without haste and free from pressure.

The Swiss Residence Yacht offers you these possibilities - your own yacht - on which you determine the course.

For you and your partner alone it would be impossible to enjoy all the amenities to the full if you need to tend to the technical and organisational problems. A yacht requires constant attention and care in order to keep it in perfect running order.  Let someone else take care of this for you and save yourself a headache!

With the acquisition of a Time Share portion you are virtually your own yacht owner.