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Where does the specification "luxury yacht" end and a" Mega- or Superyacht begin ?
It is difficult to draw the line!

The Yacht "Rising Sun" of Larry Ellison for example, the CEO of Oracle, is 136 meters in length and cost 377 million US dollars.

Swiss Residence Yacht calculated per project from 50 million CHF.

The Swiss Residence Yacht will be a Megayacht with every imagineable luxury at your disposal.

As an example of the yacht you will see the page - Various Boats - to.

The yacht will be equipped with one or more tenders which will guarantee access to even the smallest of bays. The yacht will carry its own Bentley and Porsche Cayenne which will be at your disposal to visit the surrounding countryside.

At all events, the Swiss Residence Yacht will make sure that everything is done to ensure the comfort of you and your partner or guests.