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Your own Captain

As joint-owner on your yacht you are your own captain and can determine the route.

You can decide in which direction you wish to sail and which region you would like to visit.  Should you wish to spend several days in one port, or in a secluded bay off Ibiza or Majorca, or drop anchor in St. Tropez or Portofino.  Alternatively take course towards Sicily or Corsica or to the Islands off the coast of Dalmatia, the choice is yours.

You are free to decide whether you prefer to dine in the privacy of your own yacht or to take the tender on shore and visit one of the many restaurants or taverns which are accessible.

It is suggested that the yacht sails within the recommended territory - see page > destinations.  This solely due to certain security precautions - see page >  security - in order not to stray too far away from Switzerland.

In principle, it is possible for the yacht to sail in international waters worldwide and can take course towards any chosen destination.